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Introducing Kitten Kindergarten!

We are excited to announce our Kitten Kindergarten Program! Our program is for cats under 1 year. It is a 4-week program that meets once per week online and costs $80. Our in-person program costs $100 plus travel. Please schedule an online appointment by going to our services page and clicking the blue “Book Appointment Now” …

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The Nitty Gritty of Litter Boxes

Many cat owners have A LOT of questions about litter boxes. I go into many homes on a weekly basis for inappropriate elimination (urinating and defecating outside of the litter box). Most cases of inappropriate elimination are not medical but medical must always be ruled out before modifying behavior. Without ruling out medical first, your cat …

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Our Private Facebook Group is live!

Our private facebook group is full of professionals from animal behavior (ethology), veterinary medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, and many other fields. We have in-depth Q&A sessions, webinars, a private library and we discuss more complex animal behavior concepts. Our group also will have guest speakers from time to time. It is a steal at only $60 for …

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