Our Volunteers & CommUNITY

We are an affirming and inclusive collective that encourages all volunteers to express as much (or as little) about themselves here as they wish. Please understand that if they choose to include their social media accounts here, they may post their own content that does not represent all of the LAB community. Vice versa, LAB social media posts (unless an individual is named within the posts) do not represent any one individual listed below. 

Sharareh Farivar, BSc

    • Pronouns: she/her
    • Self ID: Autistic, Queer, Agender, woman, Iranian, Azerbaijani, settler, second-generation immigrant
    • Area(s) of interest: canine behavior; social justice; inclusivity & equity within dog guardianship; technology & gaming; all things dogs!
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    • Pronouns: he/him/they/them
    • Self ID: Slavic, white, veteran, Neurodivergent, working class, Disabled, hard of hearing (HOH)
    • Area(s) of interest: veteran’s & military member support; service animals; non-profit management & start-up; animal rescue & sheltering; community-led care; gaming


  • Pronouns: they/them
  • Self ID: white, Queer, non-binary, Neurodivergent, working class
  • Area(s) of interest: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; canine behavior & training; ethology

Luca (more info to come!)

    • Pronouns: 
    • Self ID: Roma
    • Area(s) of interest: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; G*psy, Romani and Traveller (“GRT”) human rights & history; dog training


    • Pronouns: she/her
    • Self ID: prefers not to disclose
    • Area(s) of interest: companion animals; animal rescue & sheltering; animal nutrition; holistic companion animal care; advanced animal husbandry & care.


    • Pronouns: any/all
    • Self ID: Queer, non-binary, Disabled, veteran, white
    • Area(s) of interest: Mental health; animal learning & behavior; neurobiology; neuroethology


    • Pronouns: they/them
    • Self ID: trans, nonbinary, asexual & pan-romantic; fat, neurodivergent, disabled, white
    • Area(s) of interest: “exotic” or non-traditional pets; animal husbandry; diversity, equity, and inclusion; affirming human healthcare; animal rescue & responsible pet ownership; anti-racism & dismantling white supremacy


    • Pronouns: them/them/she/her
    • Self ID: Indigenous (mixed Native & white); Autistic, Disabled, Queer
    • Area(s) of interest: Accessibility; Equity, & Inclusion; Social Justice; Indigenous human rights; companion animal / ESA awareness; animal welfare; mutual aid; medical, vet cannabis research; cultural, especially Indigenous impact on human/animal relationships.

Sara (more info to come!)

Rachel (more info to come!)

    • Pronouns: she/her/they/them
    • Self ID: 
    • Area(s) of interest: canine behavior; animal training; ethology; diversity, equity & inclusion

Lauren (more info to come!)

Tabitha (more info to come!)


  Honorable Mentions & Gratitude:

  • Delilah: past co-founder
  • Kimberly: IT Support
  • Chris
  • Laura