Feline Medication Training Course

I will be creating a webinar series on how to train a cat to take both liquid and pill oral medications. Webinar 1 will be liquid meds, webinar 2 will be pills. The cost for both will be $60. Or $35 each. This will be low stress, positive reinforcement based training. If you have always wanted to administer oral medications with ease, then these webinars are for you! No more chasing, scruffing or manhandling your cat. If you want your cat to willingly take medications, then this series is for you.

To sign up to be notified when the webinar is available, email ludaranimal@gmail.com. Please include which webinar you are interested in.

Currently, I offer this course in person for central Ohio residents only. If you book a feline behavior consultation ($75), I will provide the full course to you for 25% off. Making your total amount $120. A clicker and treat sample is included. That means you get a 1-2 hour in-person behavior and wellness consultation, a 2-hour positive reinforcement based medication course, clicker, high-quality freeze-dried treats, a detailed behavior modification plan, information guides and 2 weeks of email/phone support for only $120 (total value is $155). Many places charge double that amount just for the feline behavior consultation alone!


 Veterinary medical professionals, rescuers, and shelter volunteers, email today about how you can have this course taught to your team

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